There’s nothing quite like snuggling under a wide blanket of stars among trees and some wildlife. The mere thought of packing tents, blankets, sleeping bags, flashlights and of course, every camper’s all-time favorite, an electric grill to spice up the night, always makes my heart race regardless of the weather or the time of the year.

I mean, we don’t wake up surrounded by the sound of nature every day, so why not embrace that whole adventure with relish and spend some extra cash on quality gear? There’s really nothing wrong with being picky about your tent, the material of your sleeping bag or the power of your flashlight, but if you’re asking me, as long as you don’t spoil yourself with the best outdoor electric grills when in nature, you’ve failed the camper’s code: nature is great, but food in nature is even better.

Portable Grill

Now, this is the time when you probably think that your regular indoor electric grill doesn’t come in handy when camping, but let me tell you, we do live in 2020 and there’s a solution for almost everything. If you take a fancy van to your nature adventure, the easiest way to make chewy hamburgers is with an electric grill. Probably the best electric grills for camping are small, easily adjustable and have removable parts so you can clean them without any effort and focus on enjoying your adventure to the fullest.

Pros and cons of camping with a portable grill

Now when you’re familiar with some of the key features of a portable electric grill, a portable gas grill, and a carbon grill, let’s look into what camping grill better suits you and why. Before we go any further, it’s of utmost importance to understand that the choice of the grill can impact the taste of the food and the durability of its cooking.

So, if you decide on a small electric grill, space will not be a problem for you. Electric grills, especially the Weber electric grills are the easiest to use – you just plug them in and it’s easy to make magic with your choice of ingredients.

However, an electric grill unlike a Weber gas grill or a camping charcoal grill, for example, does not offer the same authenticity of flavor. When it comes to rich and specific flavor, charcoal grills are definitely the rock stars among grills. No matter if you opt for a small charcoal grill or you treat yourself with one of those big charcoal grills for sale, know that you will satisfy everyone’s food desires with this classic choice of the grill.

But don’t forget that charcoal grills can be a huge pain after the party is over and everyone is full and ready to take it easy. The ash that the charcoal leaves is messy and it can be a bit of a hassle to clean it and dispose of it correctly, so if you’re the practical type, the old school approach to grilling is most probably not your best option.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of going with a tabletop propane grill or any regular Weber natural gas grill that offers a better flavor of food than electric grills do and is easier to maintain than any charcoal grill out there. I guess you can say a portable propane camping grill would offer the best of both worlds combined in one.

One of the strongest sides of the Weber tabletop gas grills is adjusting their temperature, which means you can easily go from roasting vegetables to grilling a big steak. It’s easy to find portable gas grill reviews out there, but their ability to cook both simple and pretty delicate foods definitely gives them a special place in the cooking world.

But since safety is extremely important to all of us, even the reckless, keep in mind that you have to be extra careful when cooking with a gas grill, especially when attaching the propane tank.

The battle of charcoal, electric and gas is definitely one for the ages, and you’ll most certainly hear strong opinions for either of them, but in the end, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a grill. However, no matter what you decide to go with make sure you use it safely, smartly, and most of all, don’t tell anyone your best camping burger’s secret ingredient.

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