Fun Outdoor Camping Activities

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More than 7.2 million additional households in the U.S. have started camping over the past five years, bringing the total number of camping households in the U.S. to a new high of 78.8 million. This is according to the 2019 North American Camping Report, an annual independent study supported by Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA).

For some, camping has become an escape from all the hustle and bustle that comes along with our everyday lives. One way or the other, we spend a whole lot of time on computers and gadgets and not much in the way of exercise. Getting away once in a while helps us recharge.

Below, you will find a list of fun outdoor camping activities that I have divided into three categories; Daylight Land Activities, Nightfall Land Activities, and Water Activities (if your camping site is nearby a safe body of water).

You can also check this website to get more tips on outdoor sports activities.


fun outdoor camping activities1- Hiking

One of the perks of being outdoors is the beauty of the scenery. Hiking allows you to breathe in the raw beauty of nature while getting a good cardio workout.

2- Geocaching

This modern day scavenger hunt would make things more technologically interesting for everyone.

Caches are hidden all over the world by fellow geocachers who put together a hodgepodge of trinkets, a logbook and pen or pencil, and perhaps a disposable camera. This hoard is then stuffed into a weatherproof box and hidden under a rock, behind a tree or maybe even in a more urban locale. The geographical coordinates of these containers—some no bigger than a film canister—are posted on one of several Web sites for fellow geocachers to follow. (Source:

3- Explore Nature

Explore the beauty of nature with fun activities but make sure not to disturb or damage the wildlife.

  • Bird watching – Have a field book with you that contains pictures and tips about birds in your area. A good pair of binoculars is a must if you truly want to make the most out of this activity.
  • Nature Scavenger hunt – Prepare a list of interesting (but safe) things to scavenge through nature.
  • Leaf collecting – You can keep the leaves in a scrapbook and write down details about the collection and experience you had while enjoying this activity.



nightfall land activities1- Flashlight Tag

Just like the original game of tag, but the difference is, players are tagged when the flashlight beams on them. Whoever is beamed with the flashlight, becomes ‘It’.

2- Stargazing

A clear, quiet night, away from the city lights can give you a breath-taking view of the magnificence of the heavenly bodies. Become an astronomer for a night and prepare yourself for a stargazing sesh. Get acquainted with the constellations, you can bring a star chart or download a free mobile app version.

3- Campfire Activities

  • Try out new varieties of S’mores, you can check this sitefor fun recipes.
  • If you are musical, bring out the guitar and/or harmonica and sing the night away.
  • Play games such as Name that Tune, Truth or dare, Twenty Questions, and Charades

4- Watch a movie with a portable projector

First, determine whether you have a power source, or if  your equipment is rechargeable. If you are camping with an RV this wouldn’t be a problem, but there are also camping sites that provide a power source.

Camping might be a break away from the digital world, but this activity brings movie watching on a different level. And also, keep in mind this may require you to pack extra things such as screen projector and speakers. When using a speaker, just make sure that you will not be a  disturbance to your fellow campers…or invite them over!

5- Light Fireworks

If the state and campsite where you are located permits,  fireworks can be fun. Away from urban lights, wait until the sun sets and fire up some sparklers. But if you’re campsite is a high risk for forest fire then avoid fireworks at all cost.



water activities1- Skipping Stones

They say skipping stones helps a lot in contemplating one’s life. If you’re up for it, choose the smoothest stone you can get and start reflecting where your life is heading to.

2- Kayaking

Explore nature from a different point of view, sitting down on a kayak with paddles in your hand. What’s great about this water activity is you can kayak in any body of water.

3- Swim

If the weather is favorable, swimming can be a relaxing activity and also a great exercise for the body. Be extra cautious especially if you are new in the area, use floatation devices or don’t dive or jump without determining the depth and keep children closely monitored at all times.


Having activities while camping is important, but keep in mind that quality time together is what makes it most memorable. You may face mishaps or challenging situations, keep in mind to stay focused on making memories that will make everyone look forward to your next camping trip. Start packing your camping gear and start enjoying the great outdoors.  Happy trails everyone!