Outdoor Essentials

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What are the 10 essentials for camping? If you are getting ready to go camping, you will need to make sure that you have all the camping essentials before leaving to avoid regrets and frustrations. Depending on your camping location, you might not have anywhere to buy whatever you forgot to pack and this is why it’s important to have everything you need before leaving the house.

I have been camping for many years, and you cannot imagine how frustrating it is to realize that you left that tissue paper role you had set aside when you need it the most! This article comprises the 10 essentials for camping and we will make it as comprehensive as possible to ensure that you have a smooth camping experience.

10 Camping Essentials – What to take camping?


1- A sleeping bag, Tent, and an Emergency shelter

It’s good to be daring and adventurous, but you cannot function well and enjoy all the outdoor has to offer without sleep. Thus, take a sleeping bag with you and don’t forget the tent.

Again, it’s good to add an emergency shelter such as a plastic bag or an emergency blanket, especially if the weather around your camping location is unpredictable.

Most frequent campers will tell you that you’d rather have something and not use it, than need something and not have it.

2- Navigation tools

Most people are used to using GPS, which is okay, but you should be able to use a compass and topographic maps as well. And, to be safe, you should have the three options with you because you never know…

However, ensure that your maps are in a transparent waterproof case such that you can still use them for navigation even when it’s raining without getting them wet.


3- Water filters or water bottle and food

Now, the last thing you want to feel when out there camping is hunger and thirst. To be safe, ensure that you have carried enough water or water filters. Some people also prefer tablets to treat the water. Whichever works for you. And, you should always have extra water.

The other important camping essential is food. For one, you need highly nutritious foods that won’t go bad quickly. You can carry fruits and other dry foods, enough to last you through the camping.


4- Sun Protection

Here, take your sunglasses with you, sunscreen, a hat, lip balm, and some skin moisturizer. Trust me, you don’t want to deal with sunburns during or after camping. You might not be able to prevent it entirely, but you should have everything that can keep you protected. Remember, even when there is snow on the ground, one can still get sunburned, so take your sun protections with you.


5- Insulation (rain coat, rain bag, gloves, hat, jacket, and extra socks)

The weather is always unpredictable and to be safe, you need to be prepared for the worst. First in your list here should be a rain jacket. You’ll probably have just a few clothes to change and the last thing you want is to get wet. And, when picking a rain jacket, it should be big enough to accommodate a few layers of clothing, but not too big to be uncomfortable especially when walking. Also, it will be better if it can cover you backpack, but if it can’t, get a rain bag for your gear.


6- Illumination (Headlamp and spare batteries)

Do not depend on your phone flashlight for illumination. Get a headlamp/flashlight and pack spare batteries to be safe. Even when going for a day hike, you should have some source of light because anything can happen and end up delaying and you don’t want to walk in total darkness in barely familiar places.

Important, if you’re a couple or in a group, each one of you should have their flashlight or headlamp. This makes walking easier, faster, and safer.


7- First Aid Kit (scissors, protective gloves, pocket mask, bug spray, blister dressings, etc.)

You might not necessarily need to use your first aid kit, but you’re fur much better with one. Anything can happen when you’re out there, and you don’t want to start rushing back home for something that you could have taken care of if you had the necessary items.

Again, when packing the kit, have in mind the number of people you will be camping with.

8- Fire starter (flint & steel, lighters, magnesium fire starter, or matches, and some dry kindling)

camping essential listCamping highlight for most people is the warm and crackling campfire, and unless you are a pro in rubbing sticks on stones to start fire, the medieval way, please carry a fire starter. Again, you might have a hard time finding dry kindling and since you want to start the fire easily and quickly, carry some kindling from home such as some newspapers or dry barks and remember to keep them protected from any wetness.


9- Pocket knife / Scissors/ or multi-tool

Imagine trying to trim a rope with your teeth! Or how will you slice that cheese and sausage in the outdoors? A pocket knife comes in handy and it can save you lots of energy and time.


10- Communication device, portable batteries and a waterproof case

We sometimes yearn to be far from the crowd, traffic and everything, but you will still need to let your loved ones know that you’re okay. Also, you need a communication device for emergencies. Thus, take your mobile phone with you and pack portable batteries. Again, even if your phone is waterproof, you don’t want to take a chance with it at this time, so carry some waterproof cases such that you will be able to use it even when it’s raining.

Wrapping up

Camping is fun and it gets even better when you have all the needed camping essentials. The above list will come in handy when packing because we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible by including everything that you will need for camping. Happy camping!