When it comes to rock climbing, the US has some of the best rock climbing places in the world. This is mainly due to its diverse range of landscapes which ultimately enable any sort of climber (either beginner, intermediate or advance) to find a right spot to climb.

With such a variety of places to choose from to climb, its quite a complex task to narrow them in a short list which can meet all of your demands.

This is why we decided to check what are some of the most prominent places that you should consider for your next climbing adventure.

We included the 7 best climbing spots in the USA that are great for both novices and pros.

Take a look at our list and go ahead and embark in your next climbing session!


1) Joshua Tree, California

Here you will find huge rocks which have the size of houses and cars. What we consider is excellent about this rock climbing spot is that the stones have many cracks, small caves, and even bolts which basically enable almost any climber (irrespective of his climbing experience) to go ahead and give it a crack.

This place tends to be quite popular, so sometimes it can get a bit over-crowded when the season starts.

Nothing to worry though, as there is still plenty of space for you to climb considering it has over 1000 square miles. The landscape is a result of two different natural elements, the Colorado and Mojave. As it is so big, there are over 7500 routes in the park which include short and steep climbs. The surface usually is a coarse granite which makes it a real pleasure to climb.

Joshua Tree is also perfect for people that don’t like to climb at low temperatures as the temperature is quite steady throughout the entire year.

In addition, you can also find bolted routes inside the park, and if you enjoy cracks, long traverses, or overhangs, there is no reason not to visit the place.

2) Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

When you first see this climbing spot, you feel that you are in some sort of science fiction movie. The views are stunning and to be completely frank, any climber is going to experience some crack climbing whilst they are here.

The Tower has a sacred meaning for the indigenous people that live here. They consider it a place where they can go and pray and is a symbol of utmost importance to them.

What is excellent for anybody that wants to try a new experience is the type of rock surface that you can find here. For instance, there are many parallel cracks, some reaching even 350 feet.

Devil’s Tower is known for being one of the best crack climbing spots that you can find in North America.

Just a quick warning. This spot is mainly addressed to experience climbers. If you are a beginner or intermediate climber, please consider some of the other spots we describe in this article. In addition, you will need to register as there is no park rescue nearby.

3) Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park is probably one of the most iconic climbing spots that you can find in the States.

Many people consider it the birthplace of climbing culture, and thousands of climbers spend their summers or fall at this marvelous place.

This zone is a granite playground, and it is a vast 1200 square miles ready for adventure.

Another advantage that Yosemite has is its friendly climate which allow people to visit it almost throughout the entire year.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting your rock climbing journey or if you have been doing this for some years. Any type of climber can give it a go here in Yosemite, as you will find all sorts of challenges which will be aligned to your specific level or experience.

One of the most challenging climbing spots is the well known El Capitan. This is a vast 3000 feet of granite considered by many a one of a kind climbing experience. When it was first discovered, many didn’t manage to conquer it. However, today more and more are doing it, and climbers say it is one of the best (if not the best) climbing experience ever. Even experienced climbers need at least four days to go through it.

Are you getting ready to give it a shot?


4) Index, Washington State

If you have never heard about Index before, be prepared to be impressed. Rock climbers know this place as probably being the best crag in the United States. Some go a bit further and claim that it’s the best in the world.

The main reason for that bold statement is that Index offers basically everything you may ask for as a rock climber. From single and multi-pitch to cracks, knobs, edges, slopes, and jugs, you can actually find absolutely everything here. Indeed it might not sound like a welcoming spot for beginners, but it can still help you improve your level and climbing technique.

A lot of people consider this spot quite a challenging and dangerous option. In the end, it is probably up to you to decide how you feel about it. If you like complex challenges and are looking for quieter place, then Index is definitely your best pick!

5) Red River Gorge, Slade, Kentucky

“The Red” is popular amongst climbers because of its strong overhung routes and challenging pieces. You can find it stretched out over several miles in the Daniel Boone Forest, Kentucky.

It is an accessible location and has over 1500 possible climbs to choose from.

Red River George is usually visited by experienced climbers, but as it has a lot of diversity, beginners are more than welcomed as well.

If you decide to visit Red River George,  its many rock formations are waiting to be conquered.

You will find arches, big overhangs, and different natural bridges. Besides that, the park itself is also beautiful, making it a great camping location at the same time.

The biggest attraction of “The Red” is the Motherload area that can be found in the southern part of the park. The main reason for that is because it offers different routes that any experienced climber will be wishing to try.

They are dynamic, and the sandstone’s frictions are very helpful. When you go there, you are going to meet climbers from all over the world, so it’s also a great place to meet and connect with climbers with all sorts of backgrounds and experience.

6) The Needles, California

This climbing spot deserves to be added on our list. The Needles might have one of the finest collection of granite that you can find as a rock climber. It’s a cluster of granite formation and you can experience a wide variety of routes.

It tends to be a very quiet climbing spot as beginners don’t quite come around here. If you want significant exposure, then you need to add this spot to your climbing bucket list.

Besides that, you are also going to experience many multi-pitch climbs, cracks, and flakes. Serene scenery and atmosphere are also going to be waiting for you once you arrive.

As a rock climber, you need to try The Needles at least one time in your life. It is going to be an experience that you will never forget.

7) Black Canyon, Gunnison National Park, Colorado

Let’s conclude our top 7 best climbing spots in the US with a place that is challenging for any rock climber. They call it the Black Canyon, and it is one of the most beautiful places that you could go out and try to climb.

If wild and adventure are your thing, then this spot is just perfect for you. It is a narrow canyon where your skills as an experienced climber will be tested.

The rock quality is inconsistent, and as it is quite remote, this also means that rescue help will not be that easy to obtain. It’s deepest point is over 2700ft, which means you have quite a lot of height to scale in the canyon over a wide variety of pitch routes.

If you want to experience the extreme adventure at its best and test what your climbing level is currently at, then the Black Canyon is awaiting for you to challenge it.

Make sure you come along with your best climbing gear to ensure you have all the appropriate equipment to tackle this extreme challenge!



In conclusion, we hope that you enjoyed our picks and could find a climbing spot that suits you best taking into account your climbing experience. The most important thing you should probably consider is to be aware of what you are trying to get out of your next climbing experience.

Make sure to properly understand what your climbing goals are, and then based on that, you will be in a much better position to determine your next climbing spot.

So don’t be shy and check out our list, arrange your plans, and go ahead and embark in one of your most memorable climbing experiences!