7 Best Flip Flops For Men in 2020

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The search for the best flip flop for men is just as complicated as the search for the best hiking shoe. Reason being, there is so much to consider and a single miss will result to a not so comfortable, or not the right flip flop for the intended use. For example, there are men’s flip flops for walking or outdoor use, for shower, flip flops that you can wear on a beach, to a pool, some with memory foam, others with arch support, etc.

One thing to note though is that flip flops are neither an all-day nor every day wear. Again, you will need a slip-resistant and water proof flip flop for the beach, shower, or to use at the pool because you don’t want the discomfort of soggy flip flops. Also, if you need flip flops for hiking, walking or generally outdoor flip flops, they need to be super comfortable with enough arch support.

Below is a list of the most comfortable men’s flip flops

1) Havaianas Men’s Brazil Logo Flip Flop Sandals – Best Men’s summer flip flops

The Havaianas Men’s Brazil Logo Flip Flops are made from what they call their secret rubber recipe. The final product is marshmallow soft flip flops that are not only super comfortable, but also highly durable. They are the perfect men’s flip flops for the beach and pool as they are waterproof and slip-resistant. Also, they come in many colors that you can easily pair with your beachwear or swimsuit. If you are looking for a flat sole flip flop, this is it.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Super comfortable thong
  • Need no breaking in
  • Most solid go-to flip flops
  • Very well cushioned
  • Ton of variety
  • Super easy to clean and also dries quickly


  • Might run a tad small

2) IRSOE Plantar Fasciitis Men’s Flip Flops with Arch Support – Best Men’s Orthotic Flip Flops

These are podiatrist recommended men’s flip flops for people dealing with plantar fasciitis, arch and heel pain, foot pain, etc. They are especially designed to help you enjoy the freedom that comes with wearing flip flops while also soothing your legs to reduce any pain causing discomfort.

The flip flops features built-in orthotics that offer an excellent arch support. The biomechanical design helps them mold to your arch shape to hold your feet in their natural alignment. They are great flip flops for outdoor use especially if you plan on taking long walks. Again, they don’t get hot, so you can wear them even on hot days. They are also very durable as they feature a premium, thick rubber outsole plus a soft midsole that adds cushioning for comfort as you take on those long walks. Also, they look good and unique, not like the usual flip flops that you see everyone wearing around.


  • Provides great arch support
  • Built to last
  • Flexible tow box
  • Doesn’t become hot
  • Super comfortable
  • Have wider straps that are super soft and comfy, so they don’t “eat into your skin”.


  • They might run a bit large

3) Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Flip Flop – Best Go-anywhere Men’s Flip Flops

Every man needs that one flip flop that can serve every purpose, and it’s none other than this Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Flip Flop. For one, it looks great and seems like it can go with any outfit, well, apart from your official suits. They feature a durable leather-like upper material, a well cushioned foot bed and foamy rubber outsole that gives it a supper comfy feel. Even from a distance, you can easily tell that they are a good quality pair of flip flops with a unique design.

Also, if you hate loose flip flops, get these Sanuks because they fit perfectly, helping you walk in them for long without any discomfort. Again, these are great for people with long feet because the design offers a perfect margin on the back and front ensuring that your toes won’t be hanging over the edges.


  • Very well made men’s flip flops
  • Perfectly padded at the thong
  • Perfect strap fit making them fit snugly
  • Stays on comfortably
  • Very durable and look cool


  • Take a little bit long to dry up

4) Kaiback Men’s Drifter Sport Flip Flop Sandal – Best Men’s rugged terrain flip flops

These flip flops are a perfect combination of durability, comfort, and great design. They feature very comfortable soles plus a spongy, thick heel. They are described as adaptive footwear, and this is because they are designed to be used for various outdoor activities. You can take them hiking, to the beach, for long walks, to the pool, etc.

Besides them being comfortable, they are also waterproof and super easy to clean and dry. They are also anti-slip, thanks to the durable rubber thread at the bottom, and the straps are very comfortable as they are made of poly/neoprene blend. If you need flip flops that will provide support plus great grip, look no further.


  • Super lightweight
  • All terrain outsole
  • Super comfy insoles
  • Comfortable straps and thong
  • Waterproof and easy to clean and dries quickly
  • Very versatile
  • Offer great foot support and they grip


  • If you have actual arch problem then these might not offer the kind of support you need

5) Reef Men’s Fanning Flip FlopBest Men’s flip flops with a bottle opener

You cannot have a conversation about the best men’s flip flops without mentioning Reef flip flops. And, just to mention, they have a bottle opener in the sole, so if you need a drink in the middle of nowhere, you can have it easy.

Again, these fannings offer great arch support, and they are supper comfortable thanks to the added EVA foam on the footbed plus all-around heel airbag. They make a great choice for sandy and wet beaches, long walks, around the city hustles, etc. They offer much more than you would get from any standard flip-flops. The top straps are comfortable and they hold so well. They will make you forget your flat flops.


  • All-terrain flip-flops
  • Very comfortable with perfect arch support
  • Cool design
  • Very durable
  • Wonderful cushioning
  • Water resistant
  • Has a bottle opener


  • Might feel a little snug when you wear them on the first day, but with time they break in nicely

6) GUBARUN Mens Sport Flip Flops Comfort Casual Thong Sandals Outdoor

The Gubarum flip flops are made of good materials which are very comfortable to wear and are suitable for any occasion, such as casual or semi formal, hiking, sand or dirt. They have an excellent footbed which will make it feel as if you were getting an actual massage on your foot. The customers just love this product as its an affordable option which feels really comfy to wear and have a sleek design as well. You won´t regret if you choose these pair of flops as its an awesome option to consider if you value quality and price


  • Suitable for many occasions
  • Thong part is very soft and the vamp can easily keep dry
  • Non-slip rubber and good solid outsole provides a good skid-free and wear resistance ability
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for wide feet

7) Volcom Men’s Recliner Sandal Flip Flop

These pair of flops made it to the end of our list. They will definitly stand out by their design, as its probably a style that you haven´t seen before. They come in differt colors, so you will have multiple options to choose from. Crafted with synthetic sole, it provides an excellent arch support which feels really comfortable to wear. In addition, its rubber sponge will ensure your feet are protected of the impact of your constant steps on the ground. They are an excellent pair of flops to utilize to relax in.


  • recliner comfort foam molded footbed
  • comfortable to wear
  • affordable price


  • The quality is not that good

Buying Guide

most comfortable mens flip flopsThere are some key factors you should always consider when buying some flip flops. We typically focus on the items described below:

ComfortThis can be quite a “vague” concept as it may mean a lot of different things for different people. In general, we look for flip flops that feel cushy and soft from day one, have an arch support and offer an easy walking experience in most of the surfaces, be it muddy, sandy or concrete.

Versatility: This is a feature we personally appreciate a lot, as we intend to utilize a flop that can be suitable for many ocassions. If you are the kind of person that likes to purchase a flop for different scenarios, then this may not be as important for you. In our heads, the perfect flip flop would be the one that we can take to casual or semi casual event, utilize it when hiking and ultimately wear it to relax in.

Traction: This will depend if you are just intending to utilize the flops to walk down your coffee shop or around your house in general, otherwise you want to pay a close attention to this feature. It will be important to consider which environment you will intend to use them, is it going to be wet and muddy or sandy or concrete. Always take into consideration the environment so you can tailor your flops accordingly on this category

Style:  Again, this is another subjective category. In general we like to offer you a wide range of styles and options so you can then decide which suits you best. Some flops will be ideal for an outdoor experience whereas some others may suit you best for a wedding or a more formal event.

Final Words

With the best flip flops for men you will not only go to places, but you will literally enjoy every minute of wearing them. The last thing you want is to walk in uncomfortable shoe/flip-flop no matter how short the distance is. The list above comprises a compilation of the most comfortable flip flops for men and we put a consideration to all the factors that one should consider when buying one, so whatever your need is, you are covered. Get yourself one and enjoy the flipping and flopping all the way!