7 Best Kids Sleeping Bags in 2020

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When we take our kids camping, we need to think about their comfort and safety. This is why choosing the right sleeping bag for them can sometimes be a real challenge.

We need to make sure that the sleeping bags are good enough and keep them with a comfortable temperature throughout the whole night. Typically there are a lot of factors that may influence how the children sleep while camping (like the tent, if they carry a sleeping pad or not, the amount of people inside the tent to name the most common ones) but the sleeping bag has proven to be the most crucial one. So now you may be wondering, so which one to choose from?

We´ve created this article in order to make it easier for you, and we came up with the top 7 best kids sleeping bags that we think will be a great match and are available on the market today. We´ve provided you with our tips and recommendations so you can make an informed decision when buying a sleeping bag for your kid!

Best Kids Sleeping Bags

1) Revalcamp Sleeping Bag (BEST CHOICE)

The Revalcamp Sleeping Bag is an affordable choice that keeps the kids warm during the night. We liked the fact that it is very spacious,  easy to pack and highly portable to add to your camping gear. It´s an affordable option which is great for both indoor or outdoor activities.

It has a very nice texture that feels really good and internally the feels quite spacious and comfy. The straps on the outside of the carry bag are handy as they help you make the bag smaller and adjust it to the size and shape that you prefer. The seams are double reinforced, and the zippers are of high quality. It’s also washable, but be careful not to wash it above 40 degrees Celsius as the hot water can damage the filling of the bag.

In addition, your kids will be able to choose from a wide range of colors as there are more than 20 options available. You can rest assure that due to its high quality this product should last you a long time


  • Very light and compact, it’s easy to pack
  • Spacious and very comfortable, kids will love it
  • Built to last


  • Can’t wash it at hot temperatures
  • It´s not waterproof

2) Melissa & Doug Augie Alligator (BEST VALUE)

This is a fun sleeping bag, and kids are going to love it for sure. It’s perfect option whether your kids are heading on their first camping or having some friends round for a sleepover at your place. As you can tell by it´s name, it features the design of a cute alligator.

It’s stuffed with comfy polyester, and any kid that uses this sleeping bed is going to feel comfy and warm. Besides that, it also has some strong colors that make the alligator look friendly for any kid that sees it.

The bottom surface is plenty slick enough to be a good sliding-down-the-stairs bag as well.


  • A fun design that kids love
  • Comfortable and light
  • Ideal for back yard camping in the summer


  • Not ideal for extreme adventures
  • The exterior fabric is really slick

3) Kelty Big Dipper 30 Degree (PREMIUM PICK)

This sleeping bag is great for young kids from 4 to perhaps even 12 years of age. It´s warm, contains some comfortable shell material and was really well built.

The Kelty Big Dipper is quite big and has a ratio that you don´t see with other sleeping bags. It has a smart compartment on the bottom that extends to make it longer. This is indeed a smart idea that helps you maximize the total use of the bag. Because of this, it can be used without any complications during a camping trip.

It was designed and made in the USA. The maneuvering is kid-friendly during the night, and the zipper construction helps them stay cozy. It also comes with a color stuff sack that allows anybody to transport and store it easily.


  • Very warm, comfortable and well built
  • High-quality materials used
  • Foot extender to grow with your kiddo


  • The elastic around the hood
  •  It can be quite massive when you pack it without using its stuff sack

4) Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag

We also decided to add the Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag on our list. This bag will ensure your kids feels comfortable and cozy when they utilize with a pad under it. Coleman has a remarkable quality with this kind of products, and this bag will ensure they can stay comfy with its ThermoTech insulation and the Thermolock draft tube facilitating to keep their body heat in the bag with a fun, cool design. It also includes an interior flashlight pocket that can be of great use. The exterior design glows in the dark, so you will easily spot your kid in the outdoors. It’s easy to store, and it doesn’t take more than a minute to pack when you want to move from your camping spot.

In addition, this bag is rated to 50 degrees (as the name implies). It has a nice zipper that contains a snag-free design which is essential for kids to easily manouver it. All in all its a great option as a small bag.


  • It’s light and keeps your kids warm
  • Spacious and great for multiple uses


  • The zipper can be difficult sometimes to maneuver around the corner

5) TETON Sports Celsius Junior

This is definitely one of the top-end sleeping bags available on the market. Rest assure that this bag will offer your child warmth, comfort, performance and safety at an affordable price. This well-build sleeping bag is ideal for car and cabin camping, backyard excursions and sleepover with friends.

The TETON Sports Celsius Junior also comes with a stuff sack that your kids can use to put the sleeping bag into when it’s time to leave the camping place. It has a taffeta shell that is durable and keeps its protection on.

The designers also included a pocket in the lining that can be used to store some snacks or even a flashlight. It comes in a wide variaty of colors, so your kid will have heaps of options to choose from. Also, it has received outsanding feedback for its zipper which has been constructed from tough metal making it almost impossible to break. It’s snag-free and opens both in top and bottom directions.


  • Comfortable and very warm
  • It containes a durable stuff sack for stucking your kids sleeping bag into
  • Easy to pack and carry


  • The zipper might be difficult to use sometimes

6) AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bags

Something to immediately call out from this sleeping bag its that it has a slick design. The material was made to glow in the dark which I reckon your kids will absolutely love that! You can choose between a blue or purple model and its a high quality bag with quite a unique design.

This sleeping bag has an anti-pitch zipper that was made this way for safety reasons. The zipper also goes the entire way around, making it easy to zip no matter if you are inside our outside of the bag.

It also includes a built-in pocket that can be used for diverse purposes. We loved the fact that it is water-resistant as it was made from a DWR coating that keeps the sleeping bag dry. It’s really soft, light and easy to carry, making it a very good option to bring along your next outdoor activity.


  • It’s waterproof
  • Unique design and form
  • Super soft and lightweight


  • When washing some of the dots may come off

7) Coleman Plum Fun 45 Youth Sleeping Bag

The last kids sleeping bag on our list is the Coleman Plum Fun 45 Youth Sleeping Bag. This model is designed for larger kids. It has a lot of space as its 66 inches long, which allows to fit children up to 5 feet 5 inches tall. Also, it contains some interior pockets that can be utilized for storage or to keep their flashlights, pad or cell phone to name a few. The zippers feel good and easy to manouver.

It’s ThermoTech insulation and ComfortCuff will ensure your kids stay warm and comfy. It’s designed for camping in mild temperatures as low as 45°F.

The filling that was used for this model seems comfy, and it’s color looks very good. So it’s definitely a good option to consider if you want to keep the kids comfortable to sleep under the starts whilst ensuring they are warm all night long.


  • Ideal for larger kids
  • Its light, warm and comfortable
  • It contains an interior pocket which is ideal for storage


  • The material cand feel a bit slippery
  • Zippers might not operate easily after prolonged use


What Kids Sleeping Bag Shall I Buy?

best kids sleeping bagsThere are some key factors that you should always keep in mind when buying a sleeping bag for your kid. Below are our main considerations:

Materials: The insulation is one of the most important features of a sleeping bag. Sleeping bag materials are usually either, synthetic or natural. Now with these kind of sleeping bags, don’t expect the same kind of insulation quality like a proper mountaineering bag.

Size: You want to make sure you don’t end up buying a huge bag that your kid will end up getting lost in it! That will add some additional weight and carriage to you which is avoidable. Therefore, this is a feature to keep a close eye on.

Desing: This will depend a bit upon your kid, so always consider if they like a particular color or style as they will more likely be keen to utilize their sleeping bag.

Zippers: We always recommend buying a bag that has snag-free zipper built in as kids can sometimes be a bit impatient and clumsy with zippers.

Shape: Kids are not going to require very sophisticated models, therefore they usually have two main categories: mummy or rectangular. Mummy tends to be better for cooler temperatures as they have an optimal heat retention system whereas rectangular usually are a very good option to consider while going on warm camping.

How Often Shoul I Replace My Kids Sleeping Bag?

We get asked this a lot of times and the short answer is that you will be in the best position to get a grasp of when it will be the appropriate time to change them. The reality is that a wide range of factors can modify this, such as your kids growing faster than usual, normal torn of the product but the main ones to consider could be the zippers, worn fabric to name a few.


As you may have seen in our review, there are a lot of options for you to pick the right sleeping bag for your kid. It is important that you purchase a bag that always keeps them warm, comfy and that they actually are eager to utilize.

We hope this article has been usefull and that it can enable you to make a more informed decision when you have to buy a sleeping bag for your kid!