Hiking is a very enjoyable activity but it can turn into an enduring experience if you do not have the right gear.

One of the most important gears are the hiking shoes. Not all hiking sandals offer the comfort and durability that is required to scale rough terrain and wade through rivers. Some factors that you should consider before settling for the best hiking sandals include longevity, comfort , how well they fit and of course their grip on various terrain.

Below is a list of the best hiking sandals for men.

1- ECCO Men Yucatan Hiking Sandals

One of the best hiking sandals in the market is the ECCO Yucatan and for good reason. The hiking sandals offer great support for the ankle and the foot which is very important especially when hiking through rocky and slippery terrain. The sandal’s midsole is made of Polyurethane (PU) which offers great support and superior stability. Additionally, the material is also durable thus your sandals will not wear off only after a few hikes.

To ascertain the quality and the suitability of the sandals, the ECCO has the seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. What this means is that you can wear the sandals with peace of mind knowing that they have been satisfied.

They also have a very good tightening which enables you to tighten the sandals perfectly.

The ECCO have an open toe design which enables your feet to breath. The upper part is made of Nubuk leather thus making it long lasting. Additionally, the sandal is light weight weighing 1.9 lb which means that they will not wear you down.


  • Has anti microbial application which prevents your feet from producing odor
  • The sandals have rubber outer soles which provide perfect grip
  • Made of PU midsole which makes them durable


  • The front strap does not adjust easily

2- Keen Arroyo III

If you are hiking rocky terrain, look no further than the Keen Arroyo III sandals. The sandals are more of a hybrid of a hiking boot and a sandal. The Keen are super comfortable since they protect your feet and at the same time allow you to wear them without socks.

They are close toed which is very important on rocky terrain since the chance of hurting your toes is minimized. The sandals have a mesh webbing which prevents pebble and small rocks from getting into the sandal. The pebbles and small rocks press against the sole of your feet necessitating constant stops to remove them.

Durability is another important factor you should consider while purchasing hiking sandals. On this front, the Arroyo is a great choice since it has been made with very durable Nubuk leather.

The leather makes the hiking sandal water resistant.

The sandals have a lace system which offers great support to the ankles. It also has a very good lace adjustment system which ensures that you can fasten your sandals to fit your feet perfectly.


  • It is close toed which offers protection
  • Made of durable Nubuk leather which makes it water resistant
  • Has a good adjustment system which makes it fit perfectly
  • It is a hybrid between a sandal and a boot thus offering a firm grip


  • The stitching might start coming off, but after a good number of tough hiking trips

3- HUMTTO Mens Sport Strap Sandals- Hiking Sandals

The HUMMTO hiking sandal is another great option for outdoor hiking especially if you are wading through streams. As the name suggest, it is a quick drying hiking sandal. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting your feet wet on your hike.

When in hot weather, there is no reason for alarm since the sandals have a breathable upper mesh. The HUMMTO has large holes in the upper sections. These holes are very important since they allow air to freely flow through the feet. The air flow prevents sweating and thus eliminates bad order. Like the Keen Arriyo, the HUMTTO is also a hybrid hiking sandal.

The sandal has an adjustable webbing design which makes it suitable for different types and sizes of feet. For more protection, the sandals have a rubber shoe cap. This protects your toes from getting hurt by debris as you wade through water.


  • Has holes which allows free flow of water and air
  • Made of very durable rubber and EVA sole
  • The sandals have adjustable webbing design
  • Have a rubber cap to protect your toes


  • They get a bit slippery on wet rocks

4- Xero Shoes Z-Trek-Men’s Minimalist Barefoot-Inspired Hiking Sandal

Maybe, just maybe the closest you will ever get to barefoot hiking is with the Xero shoes Z-Trek hiking sandal.

If you want a lightweight and super breathable hiking sandal, then this here is the ideal deal. It makes you feel like you are hiking barefoot.

Again, if you like to maintain that natural posture while hiking, it is all possible with this hiking sandal as it has no elevated heel. And, it might be the most perfect hiking shoes for when you have limited space as you can easily roll them up to fit in a small pocket or pack.

Also, these sandals are super durable and water resistant. This means you can go hiking confidently knowing that your hiking partner really got your back, or is it feet? And still in line with this, these sandals offer a great traction and grip, so you can take on the toughest hikes with ease.


  • Great minimal/barefoot hiking sandals
  • Very portable
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Offers great grip and traction
  • They are water resistant, thus won’t degrade or become saturated if they come into contact with water


  • They take some time to get used to, especially if you haven’t gone hiking with anything close to them

5- HOBIBEAR Men Outdoor Hiking Sandals

The HOBOBEAR hiking sandal is another great option for people who love the outdoors. It is made of very durable synthetic fabric. It also has very tough upper parts which makes it appropriate for even the toughest terrains which you might handle.

For fitness purposes, the shoes have bungee laces and have a loop and hook heel. The heels adjust which makes it possible for the shoe to fit people with varying feet sizes. Protection is a top quality for the manufacturers of this hiking shoe. As such, they have put a hard rubber cap to protect your toes.

For stability, the HOBIBEAR have outer soles with a very firm grip. Their foot bed is designed in such a way that they are comfortable. This ensures that the hiking shoes are not a hindrance to your expeditions.


  • Made of tough synthetic material which ensures their durability
  • Have a very firm sole grip
  • Have a foot bed which is extremely comfortable
  • Have an adjustable heel system so they can fit many feet sizes


  • You might need to get different soles if for whatever reason you need more stability

Wrap Up

Hiking is a very healthy activity. However, your experience can be ruined by having ill fitting shoes. Before you settle for any hiking shoe, it is important to make sure that they are a perfect fit. There are a few factors that you should consider before settling for a particular brand. However, we believe this review will make you purchasing decision much easier. Happy hiking!