In today’s world, smartphones are finding more and more use. And it is not surprising, but even for such a sport as climbing, you can find many applications that will help you on the rocks.

In this article, we will consider the six best applications that are useful to every modern climber. And most importantly – most of them are free!

1- Mountain Project

the best lifting shoesThis is the application, which must necessarily be in the first place with any climber. The application contains a database of more than 110,000 routes from around the world and a whole arsenal of other useful features.

A free database will allow you to upload your projects, you can also use the application offline, so you can view routes in rocky areas that are difficult to access by satellite.

Free Access – iOS / Android


2- MyClimb

The easy and easy to use application MyClimb is in its essence a social network for the climbing community, here you can chat with other climbers, discuss routes, give and receive tips. The application is able to add your routes or provide an opportunity to follow on-line the progress of other climbers, add photos and videos for each of your climbs.

In addition, the application calculates the rating of each user based on his progress on the rocks (according to the user data uploaded to the application) and shows a summary rating table where you can see your place in relation to other climbers – and this is a great method for motivating you along the routes.

Free Access – iOS / Android

best cheap hiking sandals3-Climbing Grade Converter

If you need a quick and reliable way to convert difficulty categories of routes from one system to another, then you will need the Climbing Grade Converter application.

Using a simple and easy interface, the application allows you to convert category values ​​between sixteen different world classification systems.

Honestly, we did not even suspect that there are so many classification systems!

So if you are going to visit the cliffs abroad, where the guidebooks describe the categories according to an unfamiliar system, the application will help you determine the routes that you can do.

Conditionally free (the free version only converts YDS to any other), works only under iOS

There is a similar application for Android systems


4- Rakkup 

In 2014, Rakkup received the Editors’ Choice Award as the most advanced and original app in its class.

This application uses the data of the GPS transmitter of the smartphone as well as a database of photos to bring you exactly to the base of the route. The application successfully works even with hard-to-reach or implicitly visible routes, which allows the climber not to waste time and nerves searching for the line.

A huge amount of useful information will help you decide on the approaches to the route and work on the wall (arranging insurance, complex sections, key lines, everything will be not only written down but also photographed for clarity), thereby saving you and your group strength.

Unlike the Mountain Project application (which we talked about above), Rakkup is based on data provided exclusively by professional climbers and guidebooks. This project also employs climbers who will update the information in the application database.

Shareware (prices vary depending on the selected database) – iOS / Android


5- Boulder Trainer

Despite the fact that this application is not free, Boulder Trainer will become your portable coach in bouldering. 

For all novice climbers, sooner or later the question arises: how to organize training sessions both at home and in the gym, so Boulder Trainer was created to give the right advice and to control the schedule for completing training tasks.

In addition to choosing from the database, you can also set up your own training mode.

Costs $ 2.99 on iOS


6- Climbing Weather

This application allows you to get accurate and timely weather forecasts for more than 300 climbing regions in the United States.

The application not only monitors the weather changes on-line, but it can also receive data from your GPS transmitter in your smartphone to determine your movement and show at least 20 places near you where the weather on the rocks will be better than at your intended point.

In addition, this application can be used not only as a weather report but also as a guide. Enter your current address in it and you will receive a list of the nearest rocky places (depending on weather).

Free Access – iOS / Android

top hiking sandalsConclusion

It´s always handy to have a top-notch app that will enable you to ultimately have a better climbing experience as you will feel more confident and empowered to emabark in your next adventure.

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