Which Is The Best Outdoor Sport?

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I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of performing outdoor sports. Practicing regular outdoor activities, enhances your physical performance, boosts your cortisol hormone and serotonin enabling you to be happier and fitter.

There are plenty of outdoor sports which you can choose in order to suit your needs and specific tastes you may have. 

The reality is that when the weather is sunny we are just inclined and motivated to go outside and perform some sort of sport or activity. Although working out in the gym is good and beneficial for your body, performing outdoor sports in a fresh environment can also help you obtain a healthy and strong body.

Benefits Of Outdoor Sports

If you like to regularly work-out you will then understand that exercising is both good for your mental and physical health. Having said that, I do believe that performing outdoor activities also enables you to be around other people, work and improve your overall health and enjoy yourself more.

Here are some of the benefits we can enjoy from performing outdoor sports:

a) Self-Esteem

Research shows that practising outdoor sports improves your overall self-esteem. This is mainly due to the exposure of the sun and all the positive effects it has both in your body and mind. I

The sunlight exposure also improves your sleep. This is because the sun triggers your body to produce optimal levels of daytime hormones nad neurotransmitters that regulate your biological clock. One of the most powerful neurotransmitters is serotonin, which is commonly known to help bring about feelings of happiness and well-being.

Getting direct sunlight outdoors for at least half an hour has been shown to produce the most benefit.

b) Releases Endorphins

In general, when we exercise we tend to release endorphins which produce a sense of happiness and pleasure in our bodies. The cool thing about actually exercising in the outdoors, is that you usually get the benefit of performing team sports, or being around friends and love ones which leads to a further spike of this sensation, hence overall happiness. Your body and mind will thank you in the long run!

c) Physical Benefits

Exercising and performing outdoor activities will provide you with some amazing physical benefits you will actually love. The research shows that you can stay younger, longer if you have more lean muscle on your body.

Do something you enjoy! The best form of exercise is the exercise you´ll actually do. It´s difficult enough to fit exercise in with all of the things we have going on today. So what better than playing an outdoor sport we truly love and getting all the physical benefits as well?

The Best Outdoor Sports

1) Cycling

outdoor sportsCycling tends to be one of the most popular outdoor sports. We´ve been trained to ride bicycles since we were little kids, but as we grow and evolve we can incorporate it in our day-to-day life as an option to commute or as an actual sport activity. 

In particular, this sport is great to build up your resistance, obtain strong legs and endurance. The cool thing about biking is that you can exercise while enjoying the fresh air and nature. Also, you can go for a bike with friends, head to your favorite coffee, or even design your prefer route to ensure you get to see places of your interest

Depending on your pace you can typically burn up to 400 calories or an average of 200 which is quite good!

2) Running

which is the best outdoor sportRunning tends to be one of the favorite and popular outdoor sport for the majority of the people. There are plenty of good reasons for that, but amongst the main attributes, the fact that you can do it in a beach, outdoors, park, city, street etc gives you a lot of options and makes it easier for you to give it a go. 

Another cool thing is that it doesn´t require a big upfront investment, apart from a good pair of sneakers and running gear.

I personally love it, and I find it an incredible way to get to know new places I visit. It´s a must for me, to go out for a run the minute I arrive to a new location. What a better way to get to know that place? The other great benefit, is the mental battle you put yourself with which will provide you with astonishing personal growth and overall happiness by improving day after day, week after week while you commit to this outdoor sport.

3) Fishing

fun outdoor gamesFishing is a very popular activity in North America and the great thing about is that it comes along some very interesting and great benefits for your overall health.

Fishing keeps you fit: You will have to paddle around to find some fish and you will activate your shoulders, arms, back, legs and overall core body to perform this activity. 
It´s good for your mind: This activity involves going to quiet places, having extreme concentration and being in silence. It´s always good to reconnect with yourself and be more present
Increases your Vitamin D: As you will be exposed to the sunlight you will get all the benefits of the increase in your Vitamin D levels which are always very important to have
Unplug from your routine: It´s always a good sensation to leave all your worries, stress, laptops, issues behind and just connect with the nature and yourself in order to perform this outdoor sport. Fishing takes you to a whole new level of calm and peace which is very difficult to find with other activities.

4) Soccer

soccer outdoor sportSoccer is by far the most popular sport in the world. The last World Cup in Russia (2018) was viewed by approximately 4 billion people, that’s almost half of the world’s population! There are literally endless benefits of why soccer is such a good outdoor sport, but amongst the main ones we could name:

Inexpensive: One of the main reasons why it is so popular is that it´s very cheap to play. You just need a pair of boots, a jersey and a soccer ball and you are all set to go.
You can play it anywhere: Whether you are at a beach, in a park, in a street or in a soccer pitch you can literally play it anywhere. This is great as it offers a lot of flexibility
Team sport: Soccer involves playing together as a team. In order to be successful you need to be a good team player. This is really useful as you can apply it in any level of life
Increases social interactions: Soccer teams are made of 11 players and 5 subs so you will get to make new friends, create a community and a sense of purpose while obtaining general goals and milestones together.
Increases concentration and focus: Players need to be laser focused in order to perform so you will learn to always be alert throughout the game or you´ll end up missing important opportunities in a game.
Physical Benefits: It´s a very physical and demanding sport, so your body will strongly benefit as you will have to be in good shape to perform at your best. It will also involve coordination and gross motor skills to have some proper ball control. You will get to run, a lot!

5) Tennis

sports and outdoorsI am a big tennis fan and I couldn’t leave it out of this list. Although it´s not a big team sport as soccer for instance, it´s a great sport which grants you amazing physical benefits, builds up your character and overall confidence. 

In tennis, you need to be fit but amongst anything else, you need to have mental toughness as you will most likely be playing by yourself (if its a single) or with just one teammate (doubles).

You get to workout your legs, arms, core and also enjoy all the benefits of the sun.


There are plenty of other outdoor sports but this is the top list I came up with. As you may have already seen, performing outdoor activity will be most beneficial for your health, mind and soul. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself out there and start practicing an outdoor sport you just absolutely love.