Best Waterproof Tent

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Outdoor adventure gives you a great chance to be all alone with your thoughts, have fun and be closer to nature. You might also want to spend more time outdoors with two or three of your buddies or together with your family, whatever the case, a tent is a good friend indeed.

However, once you search for the best waterproof tent on the internet, you realize that there are literally hundreds of options out there in the market.

Worry no more for we have done thorough research and have selected the best tents that will perfectly fit your needs.

You might want to remember that not all tents are waterproof! Some will allow water in especially when the rain is considerably heavy or pours for an extended time.

Below is a review of our top picks of the best waterproof tents that you should get for a pleasant outdoor camping experience.

1- Featherstone Ultralight Backpacking Tent

To start us off is the Featherstone Ultralight Backpacking tent. One of the biggest advantages of this tent according to customer reviews is that it is very light. Additionally, customers on Amazon say that it is also durable. You do not want a tent which will tear only after a few trips into the woods, that is why the manufactures of this tent have ensured that it is rugged as well as breathable.

The tent is made from a material which does not tear easily. Additionally, it is made with technology which minimizes condensation. Space will not be an issue for you and your partner since it is spacious enough to accommodate two people. It has two doors and plenty of additional space for you to store all your camping gear.


  • Very spacious and can accommodate two people
  • Comes with two doors for convenience
  • Ultra-light
  • Very durable
  • Tear resistant


Its poles are not very strong

2- Coleman Sundome Tent (Best Value)

Four people can comfortably fit into this water proof tent. Coleman is one of the best tent manufacturing company and we can recommend it at any time. To back our claim, customers have given the tent a very high review because of its outstandingly high quality. Although it is designed for four people, if three of you use the waterproof tent, then you should have more than enough space. You might find it a bit squeezed if you have a lot of camping equipment with you. However, one of the best features of the tent is that it can fit a single blow-up mattress and a queen size one comfortably.

In addition, the tent gains its badge of honor in its waterproof capability. It is completely waterproof and in addition comes with the WeatherTec System which ensures that you are not harassed by the elements either at night or during the day.


  • Ultra-light
  • Durable
  • Unique design
  • Offers best value


Has half mesh doors

3- TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent

The TOMOUNT 8 person tent is one of the best waterproof tents in the market. It has a unique tunnel type design and is one of the favorite camping tents for a large family. The tent has one door and four windows which let in in ample light. The windows and the door have a zippered panel and a double layer of mesh.

One of the features which make the customers like the tent is that it has two rooms in one. This essentially means that it is a two roomed structure which makes it appropriate for a family setup.

The tent has a capacity of 8 adults. However, to avoid too much squeezing especially due to camping equipment, we would recommend that it accommodates 5 people. The tent has a mesh covering and so it is appropriate for the warmer months. However, its waterproof rating is high which means that it does not leak when it rains.


  • Spacious
  • Has a unique tunnel design
  • It is a two in one tent
  • Free standing


It is not suitable for heavy rains

4- Eureka Copper Canyon Waterproof Tent (Premium Pick)

The Eureka Copper Canyon Waterproof Tent has a vertical cabin design. It can comfortably accommodate four people which makes it a good fit for a family of four. Additionally, the tent is easy and quick to set up and stands at a whooping seven feet. This means that no matter how tall you might be you will have enough head room. This tent has perfect waterproof features which makes it one of our top picks. These features makes it our premium pick.

One of the cons of the tent though is its weight. Since the tent is big, it weighs considerably more than the rest. However, such a tent offers a homely environment even when you are far away from home.

The assembly procedure is quite easy and so it is stress-free to set up even for an amateur.


  • Has high head room
  • It is spacious
  • Completely water proof
  • Easy to set up


It is large and therefore relatively heavier

5- Coleman Dome Tent

As earlier stated, Coleman is one of the leading manufacturers of the best waterproof tents in the market. The Coleman Dome tent is quite large as it can comfortably accommodate 6 people. Due to its big size, it has more features.

You will comfortably fit in two queen sized beds plus all your camping gear.

Another feature which makes us like the tent is that it has a screen porch or room. This room comes in handy in providing extra space since 6 guys on a camping trip need a lot of space!

On the downside though, the tent is only 5 foot at its highest point. This means that tall people would have to crouch. However, the tent has side pouches where you can store your personal items.

Another feature which sets the tent apart is its WeatherTec System which ensures that you remain dry and comfortable while inside the tent.

The poles are made of aluminum alloy which not only makes them durable but also strong.


  • It is large and has additional space
  • Has ventilated windows
  • Has a screen room which offers additional space
  • It keeps you dry and comfortable


Does not perform very well in extreme weather conditions

Wrapping Up

Camping is a very exiting experience. However, it might turn out to be disastrous if you have the wrong equipment more so the camping tent. There are many options in the market and selecting the best waterproof tent might be a challenge. However, there are a few things that you should consider before making the purchasing decision. First, check out the capacity of the tent, its ease of set up and lastly its waterproof rating. We believe that the above review will make your purchasing decision way much easier. Happy camping!