Glamping vs Camping

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Which one is best for you? Glamping or Climbing? We usually get asked this question a lot, so in this article, we will be looking at this today in order for you to make an informed decision on your next outdoor activity!

Camping is generally associated with being around the outdoors and getting down and dirty with mother nature… right?

Well, the reality is that not always… There are other options available to you in case you want to experience nature but aren´t the nature type of person.

Typically, hotels and outdoors don´t offer that experience to you, although they definitely have amazing amenities.

Therefore, if you are the type of person that is looking forward to enjoying nature but it’s not actually fond of camping, then we´ve got you the perfect solution- Glamping

You may have heard of this word before, as it´s actually an increasing trend on the camping scene as its opening new possibilities to other types of outdoors lovers.

What is Glamping?

safari glamping

Glamping is essentially luxury camping. As mentioned above, it offers the perfect combination for the outdoor lover which is also looking for an actual “real” bed and “real” private bathroom. It basically offers most of the comforts of your home, whilst experiencing nature.

So, you may be wondering, what´s the actual difference to staying in an actual hotel? Well, for starters hotels and resorts don´t usually give you much of an outdoor experience. Of course, you get all the luxury and comfort that come associated with them, but not that vivid, adventurous, and outdoor experience.

Glamping gets the best of both worlds (camping and hotels) as it offers you the possibility of enjoying nature whilst providing some of the comforts you truly appreciate from your home. 

You can go glamping on mountains, lakes, spend the night outside or literally enjoy any wildlife experience in the outdoors!   


Types of Glamping

Let´s now explore the different options that glamping has to offer regarding the different types of accommodations. Take a look as there are some really interesting options for you to consider:

Safari Tents:

glampingDon´t picture these as the standard camping tents. Tent glamping offers the hard floors, plenty of space for chairs, a regular bed and even a stove and heater. The downside is that its not portable, but you are not going to be transporting it anyway!

Luxury RVs Glamping:

recreational vehicle

RVs (Recreational Vehicles) allow you to have the freedom to change locations whenever you like without the need of lifting your camp. You would be amazed by the amount of items you can carry along your RV. For instance, you will be able to have a TV, bathroom, beds amongst others. In addition, you will also be able to be connected to Wi-Fi as well as some other convenient amenities like your picnic tables and fire pits.


glamping vs camping

Cottages and cabins come with a huge variety of luxury options that will take your glamping adventure to the next level. Ever thought of having a hot tub, luxurious bedrooms (including air conditioning) and well-stocked kitchens? Well, these cottages and cabins offer you all of the above.

This is a perfect option for families or a romantic experience for couples.

Tree houses:

Contrary to what you may be thinking, this option is still offers you a luxurious experience as they may come with Jacuzzis and terrace! Quite good if you had in mind the typical tree house you used to play when you were a little kid.

It´s definitely the best option if you want to be more connected to nature, as you will be spending most of your time on the tree.

So now that you realized that there are more options than just a tent for traditional camping, let´s further explore some of the essential glamping gear you should consider.

Glamping Gear

Before we commence, ah fair warning that glamping gear can be quite expensive, therefore expect to spend some cash for your next glamping adventure 

So, if you are considering going glamping on your own, you should take into account taking along these great gear.


You will need a more sophisticated tent than your average one.

We recommend the following one: DANCHEL 4-Season Family Cotton Bell Tents

This tent has some amazing reviews and you can use it throughout the fall and spring.


One of the major differences between glamping and camping is sleeping arrangements. 

With that in mind, after doing in-depth research we suggest the Coleman Queen Airbed


Don´t forget to go on your glamping adventure with a shower.

We recommend the Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower


 You will want to bring along a comfy chair for your glamping experience. With that in mind, we recommend the Core Padded Moon Round Saucer


Cooking is amongst another difference compared to the standard camping activities, as glampers still get to enjoy the benefits of home grilled cooked meals.

A good option to consider is the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven 


Glamping or Camping?

I personally enjoy planning my next outdoor trip adventure, finding a good spot to camp, setting up the camp and being closer to nature from the moment I wake up till when I come along with some more´s (its an essential part of camping right?). It´s also a perfect time to relax, get away from my busy day-to-day life and connect myself with nature.

On the other hand, I also consider that sometimes, when you wake up with freezing mornings or uncomfortable sleeping bags, it would be much nicer to have some extra comfort along. I do see the advantages of glamping, especially for those people that don´t want to actually give up on their comfort whilst still experiencing their outdoor activity.

In addition, I consider that glamping is offering a whole new range of possibilities to other outdoors lovers, especially the millennials, who truly appreciate being able to stay connected to the internet, have more comfort and document their experiences.

Camping Popularity

According to this article from Forbes, camping is rising in popularity in both the United States and Canada, especially amongst the millennials. 

Among the different options of camping, glamping is starting to be a rising trend with the new generation as explained above.  

Is Glamping for you?

glamping tentsIf you are still thinking of glamping as just another expensive version from camping, you are not far away from the truth. In both cases you get to spend the night outside, but when glamping, you get to enjoy the benefits of more luxurious accommodation.

Whether if you decide to go on your next glamping adventure on your own, or you decide to hire some experts to guide you, I can assure you that you will enjoy the benefits of glamping whilst experiencing your outdoor experience.