Essential Gear and Tricks

Hunting at night is always thrilling especially for the avid hunters. Night hunting popularity is increasing rapidly because of the availability of hunting equipment. For the new hunter, night hunting preparation isn’t an easy task. Because, they don’t know what gear they need to carry, what challenges they are going to face and what kind of safety factors they need to consider. Don’t worry, as an avid hunter I’m here to give you clear instructions for night hunting preparation. This guideline will help the beginners and expert hunters as well. Let’s go into deep!

Some Basic Things That You Need for Hunting at Night

Depending on what types of prey you are going to hunt, you need to backpack with the right tools and gadgets. You already know, nocturnal animals i.e. deer, coyotes, hogs, rabbits, etc. are actively roaming at night. So, to kill them you need proper gears.

Quality Rifle with Scope

The rifle is an essential gear when you are going to hunt your prey. Many night hunters prefer AR-style assault rifles. Some hunters may prefer high-end air rifles also. Make sure, there is silencer with your rifle. For night hunting, you should choose a perfect night vision scope that will match with your rifle.

The scope is integrated with a rifle. This special device will exert adequate lights to see your prey at night. Modern scopes have many features like a built-in rangefinder, GPS system, HD video recording system, compatible with smartphone, weather-resistant coatings, large magnifications which will allow you to shoot your game from longer distances. You will find branded rifle and scopes within your budget.

Multi-purpose Survival Tool

When you’re at outdoors, it is always better to carry a multi-purpose tool. When you are going hunting, you may need to clear brush to prepare your rest position, may need to make fire before or after hunting. A quality machete is that kind of a tool which will come handy in all situations. You can also choose some all-purpose knives. 

Appropriate Apparel

Clothing selection depends largely on season and weather conditions. Being undercover during night hunting is very important. You should cover yourself with the right clothing. Choose a lightweight and camouflage cloth, avoid heavy clothing unless there is so cold. Use dark, light and grip able gloves. For face covering use masks, especially if there is ample light. Choose boots which are friendly for walking and support you in the diverse condition.

Trail Camera

Surveying is very important during hunting at night. A trail camera is an essential kit which must be carried at scouting. It will provide you the whole area picture you’re going to hunt. It will make your night hunting easy.


To see trails and finding the right way at night, headlamp is a necessary gear. This handy device is compact, lightweight and easy to use but serve greatly. Headlight with multiple LEDs and adjustable focus is largely used nowadays. You can easily switch to green, red or even white color without any extra gear with such a headlamp.

First Aid Kits and others

Every hunter needs some first aid kits like a bandage, ointment, pain killers, water purifier, etc. Don’t forget to carry water, food, map, compass, fire starter, scent killer, electronic caller, smartphone, license, and regulatory document, etc. Sometimes shooting stick, decoy and shooting chair may be helpful for you. Night vision binoculars may be a handy device during night time hunting.

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Tips and Safety Factors for a Successful Night Hunting 

Before hunting, you need to know some basic tricks and safety factors, that will make your hunting easy. Here are a few of them:


Do the necessary research, where are you going to hunt, what are you planning to kill, etc. On every place, all the animals are not found as for example, coyotes are generally roaming in a brushy creek, swampy area, river-bottoms or any other areas. Make sure, which is the best place for your target hunt.

Right Call

Use predator call for hunting. Place your electronic caller at least 50 yards behind hunting position. For hand calling ensure the distance of the prey.

Bring partners with You

Don’t go hunting alone in the night, it may be dangerous. Make a group and go together. Inform your close friend and family where you are going. Use a phone to contact with others.

Hunting Conditions

Different preys are found at a different season and different weather. If there is wind, then set your rifle’s windage adjustment correctly. Considering the environmental conditions, you may take necessary gear.

Safe Distance

Make sure that your distance is enough from the target. Determine the shooting range correctly and don’t go very close to the target. You and your partners should take a position in different directions and lookout everywhere your surroundings.

Moon Phase

Most nocturnal animals use their dim light to make their hunt. When the new moon appears most of the night hunting is done. Moreover, your hunting light makes the prey blind for a while. So, wait for the new moon.

Avoid Turning Light on and Off

Never turn your light on and off simultaneously. It can make the prey alert. You may fall into danger then.

Be Patient

You may have to wait for long times for the target. Be calm and patient otherwise, you may lose your target. Sometimes you need to wait for hours.

Always Keep Your Gun Ready

Always load your firearm. But keep your finger away from the trigger, otherwise, misfires may occur. If misfires occur, treat it with extreme caution.

Use Scent Killer

Preys are very smelled and hearing sensitive. So, don’t make noise and use scent killer for successful hunting.

Consider Night Hunting Rules 

Before hunting anywhere, know the night hunting rules first. Also, check your hunting license and which animals you’re allowed to hunt. Don’t do hunting illegally.

Final Words

Hunting at night is exciting but may be dangerous without adequate gears and consciousness. Hope, our compact guide will ease your preparation with the gears, tips and safety factors. Now, you know the basics on how to prepare for hunting at night. Don’t wait, just apply it and enjoy your night hunting!