Summer is just around the corner, which means that you must have been planning for beach parties, family BBQ lunch, and pool parties. In order to enjoy the parties in the best possible way, we prefer to take everything with us from food to games and even drinks. Even if you are having the party in your backyard, you will not like everyone to go inside the house to grab a drink or glass of water. That is why you prefer to keep the drinks and water cold outside so that your guests will not have to deal with any problems or inconveniences.

You may been wondering which is the best product to keep the drinks cool and fresh. There is nothing better than a soft sided cooler, and here we have everything you should know about them.

the best cooler for family

Reasons to get a soft cooler

There are different types of coolers available in the market, and you can even place ice in a bucket to keep your drinks cold. Then why should you invest in a soft cooler? Here we have some of the reasons why having a soft cooler bag is a better option for families.

  1. The soft cooler tends to be lighter than hard cooler; it is easier to carry even to beaches and other parties;
  2. Generally speaking, the hard cooler is made for a professional outdoor enthusiast, they are big and heavy and can hold ice for many days. However it is way more expensive if you are planning to use it with your family and contains unnecessary features which your family want require; and
  3. It comes with the seal. Even if you have kept ice in the cooler, you will not have to worry about any spillage or other issues

The best soft cooler for your family

When it comes to buying a soft sided cooler, we always want to invest in the best quality products. There is a huge variety of coolers available out there in the market, which makes the selection of the best cooler difficult. Therefore, we wanted to make things easier for your and have created a comparison table of a few soft coolers that will ensure you choose the right option that suits you best.

best outdoor coolers

As the comparison table above shows, if you have a big budget, YETI cooler will always be you best choice as its a very sophisticated cooler which captures all of the required features. On the other hand, if you are going to be using the soft cooler with your family, we recommend the Luncia cooler. Finally, if you are on a tight budget, the best option would be to go for the Artic cooler.

Now, let’s look at this Luncia cooler.

Luncia Cooler

Luncia Cooler is a premium soft sided cooler which is specially designed for families. It has the capacity and insulation that enables you to keep your drinks cold for 2 days. It has the capacity for 30 cans, which means that you can easily enjoy cold drinks if you are planning to stay on the beach overnight.

luncia cooler

It is fair to claim that there are a huge variety of professional coolers available in the market which can keep drinks cold for a few days. They are very expensive, sophisticated and might not be the right choice for families. Such coolers are designed for professional use which include activities such as fishing, hunting, and adventures.

Luncia Cooler is manufactured with high-quality material. You can take it with you on all your family activities whether it is a picnic, baseball game or fishing. There are some cheap coolers available as well. However, they are manufactured with low-quality material. You will not be satisfied with the performance of the cooler. The other downside is that you will not be able to keep the drinks cold for a long time.

Keeping all this items in mind, this is why we consider that the Luncia Cooler is the perfect option for families.

Features of the Luncia Cooler

Key amazing items to consider:

  • The soft cooler is manufactured with the double coated TPU fabric. It strengthens the outer surface of the product. That is why Luncia is extra durable;
  • The material used for the interior of the cooler bag is FDA grade. There are no harmful or poisonous materials used in the production of cooler;
  • Get 2 days cold insulation with the closed cell high-density foam;
  • The soft sided cooler is manufactured with a leak-proof zipper. You will not have to worry about any leakage. However, it is better to avoid high water pressure in the cooler;
  • Designed with the carry straps and shoulder straps. Luncia soft cooler is easy to carry and lightweight. You can remove shoulder straps if you want;
  • Inside the cooler bag, there are six hitch bands. They can be used to hang different products like a knife, bottle opener, keys, and more;
  • It comes with a bungee bag in the front that can be used to store map and hats; 
  • Backside pockets come with waterproof zippers; and
  • You can even fasten the soft cooler on your bike with the 4 buckle stabilizers on the bottom.

This article was written by Frank Perry.