August brings a lot of excitement for kids and their parents. It’s the moment when they’re prepared to go back to school and face new challenges.

However, before joining the educational institute, they must complete a tough task along with their parents that is Back to School Shopping. That can be full of excitement for kids, but for their parents, it is the most significant expense of the year.

Thus to help you save a few bucks, here are a few tips to save money on school supplies & shopping deals.

Do a Supply Sweep:

You might have plenty of school supplies at home inside your school backpacks and closet; you will surely find the pencils, markers and colors. Collect the item you already have, then check whether your kid can use these products throughout the year or not. Separate the things that are still in good condition, like colors and staplers, and then store them in a basket or a plastic bag. While performing this task, the involvement of your child is crucial because it shows them the importance of taking care of their supplies and money.

Make a list of what you want:

After checking which product can be reused, make a list of items you need for the next academic year. Before visiting a store to purchase school supplies, make sure to collect the stationery list from your child’s school or teacher.

When you visit the store, keep this list in your purse or car, so that you don’t forget what items you want. You can also take a snap of your current supplies to refresh your memory when you’re out shopping.

Only buy what you need:

If you are taking your child with you for purchasing merchandise, then, be prepared for their demands. They might use the word “Please” or they might start crying. This is the right time to teach them the importance of money. Tell them, if they want to buy anything which is not included in the list, then they have to pay the amount by their pocket money or savings.

Buy Quality and Label Everything:

Don’t give preference to the cheapest item available. Spend time in the market; pick durable things that you think will last longer. Take a backpack with warranty and choose the spiral notebooks with the long-lasting plastic covers.

Stock up extra school supplies:

Stocking up extra school products is one of the best back to school shopping hacks for 2019. You can buy supplies like pen, pencils, glue and markers in bulk because these items are always running out from your kid’s stationery box.

Shop online to save more:

If you have no time to go out due to a busy schedule, then you can make your purchase online. Buying products from different store websites is the best way to earn savings during online shopping in August 2019 because a lot of brands offer coupon codes through which you can save cash. Moreover, if you are looking for cash backs, you can use Ebates. This website is designed to give you a cash reward for every purchase.

online shopping

Shop during the sales tax holiday

Many states have annual sales tax holidays when shoppers can buy items without paying sales tax. On these days, you can purchase computers, clothing and school supplies without a hefty tax.

Various countries have sales tax holiday at the end of July or in the start of August. Search the internet to know whether your state is part of that group; but, be aware only certain items are eligible, they often include clothing, school supplies, and computers.

Keep an eye on ads:

It happens a lot of time when stores put a few selected goods on sale. If you are a keen observer, you will easily spot these items in ads, and then, you can pick the best supplies at cheaper rates.

Find out what you can borrow for free:

Every school has a library where students can borrow books. Skip those reading materials which aren’t necessary to buy and take those books from your school library whenever you want to read them. Even you can use school printers, laptops, and other supplies, so don’t buy what you can borrow for free.

Use your Smartphone applications:

Apps like Google Shopper provide exclusive discounts when you scan bar codes of the store. So, don’t forget to use these exceptional applications to find the best price for the product at nearby stores.

When do back to school sales start in 2019

Before moving further with our shopping deals for parents, let’s see when Back to School sales starts; it begins at the end of May and lasts till August.

Shopping deals for parents:

Purchasing quality products are not affordable for everyone. However, with the correct coupons for school supplies dated august 2019, you can save more.

MandM Direct:

MandM Direct is a renowned fashion store known for its fabulous supplies. They have initiated Back to school sales for August 2019 where they are offering a discount on school essentials like shoes, lightweight jackets, coats, etc.

Their offer is available for all the customers; there is no need to use any coupon; you can directly access these deals by visiting their website.


Looking for a stylish backpack for the new academic year, then visit Targus and get your favorite bag at 20% off.


It is one of the leading departmental stores which have its outlets all over the world. Also, they are famous for their budget-friendly deals.


Boxed is a grocery store, and they are having a large number of stock available for consumers. Their back to school sales for August 2019 offers 20% off on your favorites.

HP store:

Hp is a famous brand and has clients from all over the world. They have items including laptops, printers, accessories like ink toners, and many more.

Their coupons for school supplies for August 2019 will allow you to save 10% on select PCs and bundles on the purchase $1199 or above along with the service of free shipping.


HP store


Purchasing course books is the most significant expense of the year. Therefore, Easons is giving 10% off on all school books with next day delivery.

Yvette Sports:

The largest sportswear company is ready with its most prominent Back to school sale. They offer up to 70% off on sitewide items with free shipping. The offer is valid for the limited time, so grab your favorite outfit now.


On this article, we´ve provided you with the best Back to school sales & deals 2019. Moreover, whenever you think about going to school shopping, always take your kids along with you. Because including them while preparing budget and plan, will make them learn the importance of saving money and will prepare them better for their future.