Top 7 Best Climbing Helmets in 2020

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If you are about to embark in your next rock or ice climbing adventure you might most likely have a ton of questions around which is the perfect rope, what type of climbing shoes to take, which is the best harness available on the market? But before you decide to go out and invest a serious amount of money on your climbing gear, the first thing you should be considering is what is going to protect you if suddenly a rock or ice falls on from above?

Climbing is a dangerous activity, therefore the first thing you should consider is buying a good helmet which can proove to be in some extreme situations, the difference between life or death. But as you may imagine, the helments come in all sorts of models, styles and prices. That´s why we took the effort to narrow it down to you and make it easier to pick the right choise that suits your needs!

We have personally tested all of these helmets, and we came with this list of the 7 best climbing helmets:

1) Retrospec H2 Ski & Snowboard Helmet, Convertible to Bike/Skate (Best Choice)

What is great about this helmet is that it can be used for multiple activities. The engineers that were part of this project did a great job and came up with a very cool product. It was designed for comfort, and it combines many large vents into a strong ABS shell. It has an absorbent foam interior that enables it to regulate the temperature while ensuring it meets the safety requirements.

It has an adjustable dian chin strap that you are going to absolutely love it as it will prove to be effortless to utilize. If you want to use it more for winter sports, you should know it has a real clip that is going to help you secure any snow googles. It’s also really easy to change it from snow to street use, and that can be done in a matter of seconds.

This helmet has passed all rigorous safety tests, and it offers protection against any bumps or bruises. That is the reason why the EPS foam inside is a high density one; it absorbs any kind of shock that happens on an impact.


– It looks nice, and it is very comfortable

– Easy to use google clip

– Nice padding inside


– The chin strap might feel to close to the neck

2) Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet (Best Value)

Black Diamond is quite a reputable brand, and this climbing helmet that we are currently reviewing will definitely be on your top picks. The main advantage of using this helmet is that it is very light. This is particularly handy for climbers that decide to go on dangerous routes and don’t want to carry a lot of weight on themselves.

It is around 2.5mm thick, and it has a foam padding for protection at the top of your head zone. The harness feels solid, and it is made out of a powerful webbing. You can also see it has a fit-adjustment at the rear side that is of great help for comfort and ease.

When you first put it on your head, you are going to feel a bit of sway while it still stays secure on your head. This means it can reduce any kind of damage as it lets some free space between it and your head if you bump. This helmet is made specifically and tailored for climbing and/or mountaineering, and it doesn’t fit more all-purposes as some other helmets on the market. Be aware of that if you decide to go for it.


– It is comfortable, durable and very light

– Has good ventilation

– The headlamp clips are effective and easy to use

– Very cool design

– Affordable value


– The interior foam is quite hard and firm

3) Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet (PREMIUM PICK)

The Mammut Skywalker is one of the best climbing helmets that you can find available on the market. It has an outstanding design which makes it look really cool, it can be used in all sorts of weather conditions (summer, winter) and equally on rock or ice climbing. It’s quite a small but light gear, and due to its design, you are going to see that it is well ventilated. It claims to be a one size fit all, and unlike some other helmets which also make that bold claim, the Skywalker actually delivers on it. As a climber, it is imperative that you wear a helmet that makes you feel comfortable, avoids annoying distractions and ultimately also looks slick.

The padding is good, and if you usually need to spend long periods wearing a helmet, that you can consider it as a real option. Another important feature to highlight from this helmet is its manufacturer quality, which definitely stands out from its competitor

While the Skywalker can feel a bit heavier that other helmets, that extra weight will ensure you have the right amount of protection and coverage from most angles.


– Small and light

– Easy to adjust even with gloves

– Can be used for long periods and still feel comfortable

-Extra climbing protection in the back which we love


– The chin adjustment can be a bit clumsy

4) Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet

The Fusion Meka Work Climbing helmet can be used all the time without any kind of problems. Let’s have a closer look at it. The chin strap is very comfortable, and sometimes you might not even want to use it.

It is incredibly light and doesn’t feel cheap. The venting is solid, and it is a really good match for any climber that does a lot of activities. Even if you work in a job that requires protecting gear, you can consider it a good option. You have to love its flashing brackets, the one that is in the front keeps the lamp from sliding up so this can be quite handy.

The padding feels nice, and the adjusting knob can be used easily. It seems more like a helmet that you would see on a construction site rather than mountain but in overall its quite a comfortable, handy helmet that its preferable to utilize for rock rather than ice climbing,


– Well built. It feels it can last for a very long time

– Can be used in multiple purposes

– Reasonable price

– Highly adjustable


– The liner can’t be replaced

– Adjustable strap in the back can be weak

5) Mammut Wall Rider Climbing Helmet

If you need a climbing helmet that has enough adjustment and can be worn for the entire day, the Mammut Wall Rider should be your choice. It is light and very comfortable due to the two sizes of interior foam that improve its fit.

Its hard shell offers excellent top coverage, and you feel protected throughout the entire time of your climbing session. The ventilation is not bad and feels breathable. It’s a straightforward decision to always have it on you as part of your climbing gear. The adjustable webbing strap is so easy to use, and it takes away that flexible plastic thing.

However, it is important to understand that this helmet is mainly tailored for climbing walls. It´s not ideal for loose rocks, and even less for ice. You might be wondering then why have we included this helment, well the reality is that nowadays climbing walls is very popular and they need helmets too. Therefore for them and rock climbers who aren´t going to choose rootes with loose rock, this can be a really good choice to consider!


– Good ventilation for warm weather climbing

– It has a lightweight design

– Has adjustable foams

– Excellent choice for climbing walls and clean rock routes


– Hard to find so let’s say quite expensive

– Not recommended for loose rocks or ice routes

6) EDELRID Climbing Helmet Madillo

We all know how painfull it can be to carry on a helmet when you are hiking in remote-climbing locations. Well, EDELRID heard our claims and came up with this innovative and minimalism approach to create the first worlds folding helmet. Yep as you just heard, and this will prove to be quite handy as it will save you a lot of space in your backpack.

The fact that it can be folded means that it is going to occupy less than half of the space compared to any other helmet. The material that it is made from feels secure, and it also has two clips that help you set the headlights, video cameras, or any other device that you might want to use.

If you are usually the kind of climber that either wants to avoid or want to take little protection on your climbing adventures, then this may be the right choice for you!


– Portability

– Very light and comfortable to wear

– World´s only folding helmet


– Minimal coverage compared to other helmets

7) PETZL Meteor 2016 Climbing Helmet

The PETZ Meteor is a lightweight helmet which has good ventilation and makes it very comfortable to wear. It also has a very nice design and tt feels like a sturdy equipment gear that you can trust.

Another key feature is that it comes in different colors, therefore you will have a wide range of options to choose from. The internal foam design ensures protection, and it makes the helmet feel well while utilizing it. It should be used just for climbing as it can’t fit multiple purposes.


– Great for rocks, cycling and clear routes

– Cool design and strong at the same time

-Extremely light, you can wear it throughout the day with no problem


– Not appropriate for ice climbing

– The buckle is hard to clean and can jam

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Climbing helmets have evolved a lot in the recent years. The manufacturers have been able to design  lighter, more comfortable and secure options for you to wear on your outdoor adventures! We hope that this review has helped you choose the the right helmet that suits your climbin needs.

How We Choose Our Helmets?

We typically focus on the items layout below:

Price: Taking into account that what is in stake here is actually your health, it should be a no brainer that the price should be a secondary option when considering which option to pick.

Reviews: When picking a helmet it’s very important to see the feedback and reviews from different customers so as to actually confirm if they are a good option. We also personally review them to ensure it’s consistent with our standards.

Brand: We don’t base our reviews just on the brands, but if our testers like them then they definitely make our top list!

Features To Consider In Climbing Helmets

good pants for rock climbingMaterials– There are two types of climbing helmets: softshell and hardshell

  • Softshell helmets: They are constructed with foam which is shock absorvent and offer some excellent ventilation. They are a lightweight, comfortable version to wear. Also, they are very easy to maintain, clean and wash. Softshell helmets typcally don’t last that long.
  • Hardshell helmets: These are protective gear that are both comfortable to wear and protect/reduce the risk of any head injury you may have. They also tend to last longer than the softs shell helmets and they have a lower price.

Protection- The climbing community is currently going through some active debates around the inclusion of larger vents on the helmets. The reality is that the main task of the helmet should be to protect you, not to ventilate you. If it can do both of them, that’s great but we shouldn’t loose sight of what it was designed to accomplish on the first place.

Comfort- We’ve included some of the main factors that can determine if the helemt is comfortable:

  • Weight: This should actually be a secondary concern, as after all if you go to light on your helmet you may not have the proper protection required to protect you from a large stone or piece of ice that may fall from above. It’s up to you to determine how much weight you can carry on.
  • Ventilation: When you are climbing walls this may not be a great issue, but when you’re outdoors it can get really hot and that’s when this feature tends to be quite important. You always want to consider a helmet that has good ventilation.
  • Adjustability: You want to ensure that you buy a helmet that its easy to adjust, as once you are up there, you will typically just have one hand to make an adjustment. Therefore, this a crucial feature to always keep in mind.